Saturday, October 16, 2010

My thoughts on religion

Is God real? <- can be God of any religion you wish to choose

Think about it for a second... go through all the experiences in your life, be it bad or good, is God real? Now I'm not here to argue, because arguing about existence of God is really meaningless, you may ask yourself why, and here is my little explanation.

It may sound paradoxical, but in order for any claim to be true, it must be falsifiable. Do you get it? If nothing conceivable could ever disprove the claim, then the evidence does not matter; it would be pointless to even examine the evidence, because the conclusion is already known - the claim is invulnerable to any possible evidence. This is so because because it is impossible - logically impossible - for any claim to be true no matter what. Here's an example of a normal and falsifiable claim:

Water boils at 95 degrees Celsius. This can easily be proven wrong, you boil the water to 95 degrees Celsius, the water does not boil; the claim is proven to be wrong.

Arguing about existence of God would be completely pointless, because there is no possible way to prove that God doesn't exist. Now, I'm in no position to say that God does or doesn't exist, I'm simply pointing out that it's pointless trying to argue about it... keep your beliefs to yourself.


  1. I have to say I really disagree here. As an avid atheist, I could just now mention the flying spaghetti monster to you. There you go, another thing you can't disprove.

    You'll just have to take a look at what seems reasonable. Granted, it helps that I'm not a believer in a god when saying this, but I find that the history of the earth and our universe to be documented enough to really disregard the religions in our society.

  2. there is no THING as god.
    but there is a THOUGHT... this is what god is.